» Corporate Communication

The reputation that your company will carry to future generations is more valuable than anything else.

We develop communication approaches that protect your corporate reputation and reflect your corporate culture.

» Internal Communication

We develop different and bespoke projects for the internal communication process so that the employees adopt the corporate culture and feel belonging.

We bring new communication approaches for the existing HR projects and inform and develop with the right journalist and share the stories if necessary.

» Media Relations Management

By creating your company's media strategy, we develop projects that create "news value" within the framework of this strategy.

We ensure the establishment of lasting and deep-rooted relationships with the press. By preparing press releases containing public messages and services and creating interesting press kits, we serve all this information sharing with a media database.

While managing your media relations, we act with both local and global perspectives.

» Crisis Management and Opportunity Communication

If you are affected by a crisis and find yourself in the middle of a really bad media crisis, or if you are experiencing a crisis in social media such as Facebook and Twitter, we are ready to solve your problem with our team with extensive experience in crisis management!

We approach the crisis proactively and get involved in the process with fast and rapid planning. We adopt a communication approach that turns a crisis into an opportunity!

» Trending News

By keeping the pulse of the country, the sector, and the world agenda, we propose, implement and manage special communication approach and projects for each occasion.

We target to increase your brand/corporate awareness with taking the advantage of trending news&topics and with the right communication management.

» Digital Communications

Every day, journalists receive lots of press releases about new products and commercial collaborations of the companies, but in today's world, traditional media, alone itself, is not enough to share and spread your messages among the public; you’d need a broader perspective and more space.

We develop the right digital communication strategy for your company with daily realities and variable, carry out the related integrated campaigns with digital media and blogger collaborations, and ensure that your work would be announced and reach to its right audience.

To support our digital communication, we had also started an intiative and initiated a new youtube channel, “YazıTura”, especially to promote start-up stories, hightech business experiences and inspirational approaches for the target audiences.

» Influencer Management

We choose influencers with appropriate criteria and audience which fits your brand and project from our large pool of digital influencers. We bring together micro and macro-influencers in many different categories such as beauty, travel, gastronomy, and technology with our brands.

For this purpose, we are implementing the "Blogger Club" application for the first time. With this project, we enable you to collaborate with popular and innovative bloggers and influencers that match the target audience you want to reach.

SCC Communications' influencer management service covers many bloggers, Youtubers, Tweeps, and Influencers. We analyse your nees and seleet the right influencers to suit your business targets for the related social media platform. 

» Sponsorship and Event Management

For global and local companies, collaborating with partners that match their goals is the most effective and easiest way to manage public perception. We offer services to develop sponsorship activities that will make a difference and manage these relationships.  

We organize face-to-face and online organizations that are suitable for you, your employees, and your corporate culture to bring your projects to the field, and touch more people.